Once upon a time there was a young female who realized that she was remarkable for many reasons.  The very first thing I realized was how a woman could bend a mans will ... just because she was FEMALE. "Oh goody.  I can rock this".   I started to study this gender inequality and like a smart girl, after experimenting with a few things ie.  using my body to catch attention (cocktease), I decided to exploit my POWER.  It wasn't long before using men for everything became my lifestyle. 

Now don't get me wrong here.  I am very intelligent and more than capable of doing everything myself BUT what would all you poor little fools do without me?  Isn't life much better with a controlling, sexy, bitch leading the way?  When you're with me you don't have to think.  It's your time to relax.  All you have to do is ... DO!!  "Run and get me a nice medium roast coffee" "I need you to go and pay my parking tickets.  The money is in your wallet"  "Lick up your cum slave", "No stroking again today boy" "Kiss my pretty ass so I can make your balls even more blue" "I want a new bottle of perfume.  Where is your wallet?" "No, no, no you cannot cum today" "I want my toes in your mouth while I see how hard you can gag" "No this dildo is not for me, guess again".  "I am much more sexy than your wife ... let me show you how" "I think you need a spanking freak" "You want attention? Put these panties on and I will think about it" "You want attention? Tribute!"

Maybe being born Aries has something to do with My being Dominant?  Maybe My red hair is a sign?  Maybe, just maybe, I was born to control and tame every male I meet.  

You see, I not only get most of my material needs met by males but I also get to exercise what's in My nature, using, controlling and being THE Dominant Female you need to serve.  I look sweet and taste even better but I can be very cold and sadistic when I am having fun.  It's at these times that you truly are just a thing to entertain me.  I enjoy leading you to My darkside and making you do things you couldn't even dream of.

Simply put, My panties get the most wet when you are suffering .. for Me.   It's My calling and My fetish.  I am Superior, I am Female and  I want to Own you ... mind, body and submissive soul. I am ... what you have been missing in life ... don't believe Me?  Beg for attention.