There are many ways you can SERVE ME but you must remember ... I like money and gifts the best.  Think of it this way ... yes I truly enjoy laughing at you, degrading you, controlling your cock and making you feel like a less fortunate dick sissy that needs to be used and abused BUT I am Female and we love to shop for pretty things as much as possible.  There is nothing better than having 40 bottles of different expensive perfumes to choose from.  I love lotions, potions and travel and there is a price to being my slave.  Plus I deserve it while you ration and eat ramen.  It's all in the name of  ... making Miss Fortunes world a much happier place .. yes?

They say that when it comes to an addiction, like for instance your fetish, or ME, that spending money is truly the worst.  It hits you harder than any other habit ... well I am gonna hurt you piggy and freak you the fuck out.  What's her's is MINE, what's your's is MINE and I can't wait to show you what I bought with your wallet. 

Now you see this little button below ... get to clicking ... and when I see your deposit, I will think about using you even more.

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